“I had the pleasure of attending Harvest Moon Rising…My initial impression was clouded by Amy Swift’s gorgeous voice. A healthy soprano sound, she floats through her registers with ease – delivering comedy and tragedy wherever it’s needed. “Robert Dreams”, a song that could easily been over-acted, was expertly performed with sensitivity by Swift.”
– Taylor Long, BWW Toronto
(Harvest Moon Rising, WOMT Festival)

“The vocals are as solid as can be and honestly sound pretty close to the original cast recording. Amy Swift, as Rona Peretti, delivers soaring operatic lines with gusto…”
– Jennifer Enchin, Mooney on Theatre
(25th Annual… Spelling Bee, Hart House Theatre)

“Particular stand-outs are Amy Swift as the Baker’s Wife and Colin Asuncion as Jack for their heartfelt, grounded, and yet undeniably human performances. ”
Kathelene Cattell-Daniels, The Medium
(Into the Woods, Hart House Theatre)